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Chung-Chih Li  
Ph.D., Syracuse University

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Problems on Discrete Mathematics,
            by Chung-Chih Li and Kishan Mehrotra

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My Statements:

To me, nothing substantial beyond naming can be found in the entire humanity that we'd been trying so hard to sustain; and words, that should be taken as a projection of our mind where the profanity dwells.

Discrimination all started from taking anecdotal facts out of their context and deliberately generating them into a norm in order to characterize individuals not of our kind.

Fundamentally, I'm so skeptical of history which does not fit my notion of knowledge in any sense.  I insist that a human as the agent of him/herself should have the innate right to claim his/her liberty of any kind; if that causes trouble, let trouble come. This is the most compelling force for me to stand by the Taiwan Independence movement among others. Speaking of politicians, they just confuse me, not less than history, if not more.

-- Chung-Chih Li --


I have not been an early riser
Society seems to have invaded and overrun me
I have drank tea & coffee
and made my-self cheap and vulgar
-- H.D. Thoreau --

One can always make a theory, many theories, to account known facts,
occasionally even to predict new ones. The test is aesthetic.
-- George Thomson --

The principal interest is philosophical;
not to confine oneself to what is necessary for (current) practice,
but to see what is possible by way of theoretical analysis.
-- G. Kreisel --

Perspicuity is part of proof.
-- L. Wittgenstein --

Reason is the slow and tortuous method by which those who do not know the truth discover it.
The heart has its own reasons which reason does not know.
-- Blaise Pascal --

It is true that a mathematician, who is not somewhat of a poet, will never be a perfect mathematician.
-- Karl Weierstrass --

My homeland -- TAIWAN
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