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Yongning Tang


School of Information Technology

Illinois State University

(a representative picture of my hometown)


My current research interests lie in 1). applying Machine Learning and AI techniques to tackle challenges in different domains, mainly including intelligent network operations, network security intelligence, intelligent water system, intelligent transportation system, fraud/anomaly detection; 2)  enabling edge intelligence over IoT systems; and 3) streamlining elastic AI as a service (AIaaS) in cloud.


Current Research Projects

·         Intelligent Network Operations

·         AI as a Service (AIaaS)

·         Intelligent Water Systems

·         Evidential Reasoning for Network Fault Diagnosis

·         Uncertainty Reasoning in Botnet Detection

·         Intelligence-Defined Networking

·         Intelligent Computing for Sustainable Energy and Environment


Selected Publications (Listed by projects) (Listed by IEEE Xplore)

·         Feng Wang, Yongning Tang, Lixin Gao, Guang Cheng, “BC-Sketch: A Scalable Lightweight Traffic Analytics Service for Detecting Network Flow Anomalies”. IEEE International Conference on Smart Data Services (SMDS 2020). Beijing, China. Oct. 19-23, 2020

·         Ying Hu, Guang Cheng, Yongning Tang, Feng Wang, “A practical design of hash functions for IPv6 using multi-objective genetic programming”. Elsevier Journal of Computer Communications. Volume 162. October, 2020

·         Yongning Tang, Yangxuan Wu, Guang Cheng, Zhiwei Xu, “Intelligence Enabled SDN Fault Localization via Programmable In-band Network Telemetry”. IEEE International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing. Xi’an, China. May 26-29, 2019

·         Wubin Pan, Guang Cheng, Yongning Tang, “WENC: HTTPS Encrypted Traffic Classification Using Weighted Ensemble Learning and Markov Chain”. IEEE International Conference on Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communications (TrustCom). Sydney, Australia, August 1-4, 2017

·         Guang Cheng and Yongning Tang, “eOpenFlow: Software Defined Sampling via a Highly Adoptable OpenFlow Extension”. IEEE International Conference on Communications. Paris, France, May 21-25, 2017

·         Yongning Tang, Guang Cheng, Zhiwei Xu, Feng Chen, Khalid Elmansor, and Yangxuan Wu, “Automatic Belief Network Modelling via Policy Inference for SDN Fault Localization”. (2016) Journal of Internet Services and Applications. Vol. 7:1. DOI: 10.1186/s13174-016-0043-y

·         Wubin Pan, Guang Cheng, Hua Wu, and Yongning Tang, “Towards QoE Assessment of Encrypted YouTube Adaptive Video Streaming in Mobile Networks”. (June 20-21, 2016) IWQoS 2016 IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Quality of Service. Beijing, China.

·         Yongning Tang, Ehab Al-Shaer, Kaustubh Joshi, Reasoning under Uncertainty in Overlay Fault Diagnosis, IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, Volume: 9, Number: 1, March 2012

·         Yongning Tang and Ehab S. Al-Shaer,  Sharing End-user Negative Symptoms for Improving Overlay Network Dependability. The 39th IEEE International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (DSN 2009) Lisbon, Portugal (Acceptance rate: 37/177 = 20.9%)

·         Yongning Tang and Ehab S. Al-Shaer,  Overlay Fault Diagnosis Based on Evidential Reasoning. The 28th IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (IEEE INFOCOM 2009), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

·         Yongning Tang, Ehab Al-Shaer and Raouf Boutaba, Efficient Fault Diagnosis Using Incremental Alarm Correlation and Active Investigation for Internet and Overlay Networks, IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management , Volume: 5, Number: 1, Pages: 36--49, 2008

·         Yongning Tang and Ehab S. Al-Shaer,  Towards User-Level Collaborative Overlay Fault Diagnosis. The 27th IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (IEEE INFOCOM 2008), Phoenix, AZ, USA

·         Yongning Tang , Ehab S. Al-Shaer, and Bin Zhang, Toward Globally Optimal Event Monitoring and Aggregation for Large-scale Overlay Networks IEEE Symposium on Integrated Management (IM'2007), May 2007.

·         Yongning Tang , Ehab S. Al-Shaer, and Raouf Boutaba, Active Integrated Fault Localization in Communication Networks IEEE Symposium on Integrated Management (IM'2005), May 2005.



I have been teaching various courses, mainly on computer science (e.g., data structure, computation theory), programming (e.g., Java, Python), networking (e.g., LAN, WAN, cloud, design, security), machine learning, and research methodology.


Professional Services

·         TPC member, The 30th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI 2021)

·         TPC member, IEEE International Conference on Computer Communication and Networks (ICCCN) 2010, 2011 

·         TPC member, IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management (IM) 2011

·         TPC member, IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM) 2009, 2010, 2011

·         TPC member, IEEE International Conference on Networking, Architecture, and Storage (NAS) 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

·         TPC member, International Conference on Networking and Services (ICNS) 2009, 2010, 2011

·         TPC member, International Conference on Internet Monitoring and Protection (ICIMP) 2009, 2010

·         TPC member, The First International Workshop on Pervasive Computing Systems and Infrastructure (PCSI) 2009


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